Anna Liebermann

Visual storyteller, animator and half viking

My name is Anna and I was born and raised in Switzerland, but I'm also from Sweden and Germany. And I live in Amsterdam since many years. Currently I study animation (fulltime) at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (Bachelor of Arts).

My showreel (october 2021)

My showreel (October 2021)

I am an animator with a background in illustration. What I get most excited about are projects with a deep understanding for how complicated it can be to be human, reflecting on our psychology and emotions, social issues and cultural diversity. The stories we tell matter a lot. So besides improving my animation skills continously, I also am very interested in directing, producing and storyboarding. Animation is not just a creative expression for me, I believe the content we put out can have real cultural impact.

Kaboom Animation Festival
Logo Competition (1st place)
February 2021

Where to find what

My interests ---> I use my twitter account to let my inner animation geek off leash, tweeting things relating to current industry topics or sharing exciting nugets of animation.

My process ---> My instagram account on the other hand is where I share some of my own work progress from sketch to finished piece. Here you'll find more information on how I come up with work or how projects come to be. This is currently dominated by school projects, but not only so keep an eye out for personal snippets as well.

My experiences ---> If you are curious about my career and the things I did before joining the academy, feel free to visit my linkedin page.

Would you like to have a chat or a cup of coffee together? ☕️ Just reach out to me via email and I'll get back to you.

Thank you for your interest in my work!